Go beyond interval training.

Go beyond intervals.


POE stands for "Parceled Out Effort", a term coined by Will Kirousis, MS, CSCS, CISSN.  In essence, we expand on an interval-based approach and incorporate live athlete feedback and creative decision making.  POE can tailor a training program that allows you to reach your goals and remove any "limits" created by traditional interval training -- all while fitting into your busy schedule. 

POE provides a base structure and allows the athlete to make their own decisions based on "feel", creating fluid workouts that optimize training while avoiding a fatigued mind. 


Our Approach

Endurance Training Can Fit into Your Lifestyle


Cycling is a demanding sport that calls upon our ability to dedicate ourselves to a discipline and lifestyle.  POE can make growing as an athlete more fun and enjoyable, all while helping you achieve your cycling and fitness goals.  We'll utilize our knowledge of the body, nutrition, and data from your rides to suit your training program to your feel, ability, schedule, and most importantly -- goals.  

Below is an example of POE in process.  Watts are in pink and read off the right-hand-side.  The first half of the ride has multiple, focused efforts while the second half includes shorter, punchier efforts.

Each interval is designed for a specific purpose and targets specific zones. The overall effect is greater than the sum of the efforts -- i.e., you don't need to ride 300 miles a week to achieve your goals.

POE provides a platform for an athlete-centered training program that is adaptable to your goals, schedule, and your "feel".  


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