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POE is all about making the most of each workout.  

Many of us grew up in the age of interval training.  The thought is by focusing on hitting specific numbers -- either wattage or heart rates -- athletes could increase their FTP and overall endurance.  Yes, this does work. 

But often, when athletes are so focused on the numbers, they lose sight of the broader goals and what they are doing.  Further, when the training is translated into racing, intervals can turn into limits.  Instead of translating all the hard work into a successful race, athletes can think "I can't make that break because I can only hold XX watts for YY minutes...I better hold back." 

Athletes should be expanding their mental process going into a race, not contracting.  It is clearly a problem when training becomes a friction to success. 

POE is the bridge between interval training and growing the athlete's mental process, during training and racing.  We help create an environment that encourages our athlete to have a stake in the process, provide input on the fly, and build creative decision making.  So while the training still translates into higher FTP, faster climbs, and faster TTs, POE also removes any sense of "limits" that might come from traditional interval training. 

Not only can POE help you grow as an athlete, but by using a focused approach, we can fit training into your busy schedule.     

So much can be achieved with minimal time but maximum focus.





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