Get ready to tear down obstacles and hit your goals.  We at POE believe that getting yourself to the next level involves setting your own pace.

Although we are based in both Golden, CO and Portland, OR, we work with athletes across the country -- it's all about effective communication and data analysis.  Regardless of where you are, we are pumped to have the opportunity to help you advance your athletic level.  So start your journey with us today!



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Brad is a Cat 2 cyclist and a USAC registered coach.  Although he grew up in Golden, CO, Brad now resides in Portland Oregon (which is gorgeous and allows for year-round riding...although the rain is another topic).  He has trained with several coaches over the past decade, including former pros that rode in the Grand Tours.  Brad enjoys leveraging his experience as an athlete and coach to motivate others to reach their own goals.  Although he still races for a local team in Portland, Brad gets most excited about seeing his athletes reach their own achievements -- both on and off the bike.